A more efficient way to manage information.

What is Adepty?

Adepty is a web app that allows you to deliver information to staff and contractors - for example your standard operating procedures. This means they have all the latest 'how to' information on their device. Anytime. Anywhere.

Teach it once and well every time.

Have you ever trained someone once and then expected them to train the next person? and then the next? and so on? Some leave, some stay and after a while the original training is completely different to the original standards. Enter Adepty, the web app that is the central source of truth for your staff and contractors!

It’s the go-to place for all your staff training they can carry around in their pocket.

No awkward downloads, no apps.

Being a web app means you simply set up a new user and send them the link by email or text. They login and access the latest information on their device. There is no having to download and pay for yet another app and set up an account, just send a link.

No per user charging.

How much per user? This is the really good news! Adepty is based on a monthly subscription per organisation. Meaning you can have as many users as you need and can add and remove them without your costs fluctuating. Allowing you to get on with delivering quality instructions rather than worrying about how many users you have.

Can I allow users outside my organisation access to Adepty?

Yes, you can allow users to access your Adepty. This makes Adepty ideal for sharing information to contractors. They do not have to have a company email or 365 login. There is no struggle with SharePoint, Office 365 shares or Google Docs just set the user up and share the link.

The right information for the right users.

Allow or restrict access to files by different user group and category.

One of the key features of Adepty is to be able to provide grouped access to information. Your contractors and your admin staff don’t need identical information. Keep it simple and uncluttered for everyone.

What forms of media will Adepty handle?

You can use text, images and video. A lot of clients have opted to use video as a training tool as it is easier to learn when you can see a task been demonstrated and explained at the same time.


Turboweb is excited to share with you our product, Adepty. Originally known as the Turboweb Portal, effectively a digital Operations Manual, the place to keep all your standard operating procedures, it became obvious that the portal had potential and needed to become a stand-alone product and brand. The name Adepty came from playing with the word Adept, meaning to be a highly skilled or well-trained individual.

Organisations have embraced the simplicity and ability to deliver information in different formats, converting huge text documents into a mix of video and image-based instructions.

Turboweb Portal -->> Adepty
Turboweb Portal -->> Adepty

Ok how do I find out more?

If you want a walk through Adepty then book an appointment here we can do it online or in person. Do not fear there is no high-pressure sales pitch, we don't need to, Adepty sells itself.