Adepty is a powerful web application that transforms how you deliver operating procedures.

Proper process sets the standards for customer satisfaction.

Adepty Features

User Features

  • As many users as you like

  • Email accounts for access means uses can be outside of your organisation eg; contractors.

  • Access via web browser so no cluttering up users' phones with apps.

  • Easy to update, keeping the most up to date information available to all staff, contractors etc.

  • Information can be in video, image, text and PDF forms or a combination of all.

  • Information is stored in categories to allow the right data for the right users without them having to trudge through irrelevant information.

  • Users can be grouped to limit access to categories eg; Office admin group vs Ground workers.

  • Very simple to use making it a more accessible option than SharePoint or google docs especially on a mobile device like a phone.

  • Intuitive search function

  • You can customise your data hierarchy without it costing you the world to have it built.

  • Eco positive with the elimination of paper-based information which leaves room for old copies and the wrong instruction.

Admin Features

  • User Audit trail - see if users have viewed certain material.

  • Easily add and remove user access.

  • Group users and allow access to specific categories.

  • Add and remove categories.

  • Update, edit or delete all content.

  • Unlimited videos, images, text and PDF's

  • Add video from YouTube, Vimeo or natively* (*requires mux account)

  • Monthly subscription

  • No contract lock in, terminate with 30 days' notice. (Excludes enterprise level set up)

Technical Features

  • Aotearoa New Zealand based backups for security and data loss prevention.

  • 24/7 monitoring

  • NZ based team for support.

  • NZ based development team dedicated to improving the platform.

  • Adepty can be offered as a white label solution (Enterprise Subscription).

  • Custom modules can be built to spec. eg; Inductions, forms

  • Integrate with other software