Efficiency Simplified: Finding Paper Towels

Efficiency Simplified: Finding Paper Towels

9th January 2024

Recently, I had an enlightening moment about our product, Adepty, while discussing its merits on LinkedIn. Amidst my enthusiastic praises, a question arose: "What does Adepty do?" My initial response was simple – it allows easy access to information. It’s a digital operations manual, it has all your standard operating procedures, all the company how to’s.

Probing further, he asked for a real use case.

It struck me – "paper towels!" We experienced it ourselves. When faced with the need to order more towels for the bathroom, instead of the usual confusion, we turned to Adepty. Lo and behold, the supplying company name, phone, and address were right there. A quick call, and the towels would be on their way.

This incident perfectly illustrates how Adepty swiftly resolves low-level tasks that could otherwise consume precious time. Now, a simple search in Adepty for 'paper towels' provides instant access to the needed information.

The crucial lesson learned wasn't just about Adepty's brilliance but its transformative impact on our customers. Adepty allows them to reclaim time, even on seemingly insignificant tasks they might overlook.

So, the next time I'm asked, "What does Adepty do?" I'll be prepared: "Adepty saves you time and money."

It’s an Operations Manual, but even the simple stuff saves time.