Upgrade Your SOPs: Why They Suck and How to Fix Them

Upgrade Your SOPs: Why They Suck and How to Fix Them

19th December 2023

Let's be honest, the term "Standard Operating Procedures" doesn't exactly scream excitement. Learning and training should be engaging but finding that sweet spot between serious information and keeping it interesting is a challenge. Not every acronym deserves the boot, though. You can still guide someone through a task without putting them to sleep.

Here are 5 reasons why SOPs often miss the mark:

Updating Woes:

Procedures need to keep up with the times, but it can be a pain. Changing and updating may seem tedious, but using the right tools can make it easier. Consider the cost of not updating when someone makes a mistake.

Stuck in Paperland:

Paper-based procedures are a headache. Every tweak means printing and redistributing. It's inefficient and nobody likes that.

Knowledge Retention Issues

A wall of text is a surefire way to lose attention. Break it up with images, videos, and straightforward explanations. Keep it concise and focused.

Diverse Learning Styles:

People learn differently. Some want all the details, while others just want the basics. Plan for these differences. Use videos for some, written content for others, and highlight key takeaways for those with shorter attention spans.

Enhance your approach with these practical strategies:

  • Videos for engaging explanations.

  • Written content for those who prefer reading.

  • Key takeaways for the short attention span crowd.

  • Sprinkle in some images and diagrams for emphasis.

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